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5 Beauty Inspiration from Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez, who owns one of the most popular accounts of Instagram with nearly 200 million followers, is called one of the beauty icons of the period with its understated style and sympathetic state.

Celebrating its 28th birthday in the past few days, we have scrutinized the appearance of the US singer and actress.
Noticeable lips
We don’t see Selena Gomez with too much heavy makeup. She likes to try bold colors on her lips, although she favors naturalness in makeup. Gomez, who loves to carry the claims like burgundy and red on her flawless lips, completes her appearance with a classic tailed eyeliner and an exaggerated shiny skin.
Chestnut her color
Although Selena Gomez’s hair map has red tones and platinum blonde, we generally know her with dark chestnut hair. Chestnut is definitely the color that best suits her. Instead of using dark chestnut hair in one tone, he likes to add sparkle in similar tones together, thus giving his hair an energetic look.
Wavy hair
Gomez’s dark chestnut hair is shiny and lush. When you look at it, the first thing that attracts attention is its healthy hair. The most interesting signature that Selena Gomez put on her hair is definitely intense waves. He likes using his hair with bombshell waves, and this look adds him an effortless sexapality.
Skin makeup porcelain
There is something that does not change regardless of the shape and shades of makeup; porcelain look. Selana Gomez knows very well that a flawless look goes through healthy skin. The star, which also looks quite shining with its make-up, always prefers a porcelain matte look in skin makeup.
Doesn’t hesitate in naturalness
The most important beauty signature of Selena Gomez for us is its naturalness. When she gains weight, she does not hesitate to look in a bikini, she does not prefer to hide it when she has psychological problems, she shares her most natural state as well as the frames that she looks great on social media. Just like these photos taken while eating spaghetti!

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