Cristiano Ronaldo-Georgina Rodriguez couple expecting a baby?

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Cristiano Ronaldo-Georgina Rodriguez couple is vacationing in Portofino, Italy. The swelling in Rodriguez’s abdomen, who was seen to have preferred a turquoise satin dress the night before, recalled “Are they expecting a baby?” brought the question

Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo and his lover Georgina Rodriguez took their breath in Portofino, Italy, after normalization steps were taken.
The couple met with friends at a venue the previous evening.
The image of Rodriguez, who was seen to prefer a turquoise satin dress, confused the image.
The swelling in Georgina Rodriguez’s belly recalled “Are they expecting a baby?” brought the question.
Some of her followers stated on social media that Rodriguez’s image may have originated from the model of the fabric.
The 26-year-old model is a mother to 3 children of Ronaldo, as well as his 3-year-old daughter Alana Martina from Ronaldo.

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