Johnny Depp’s dog shocked them!

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Johnny Depp’s dog pooed their marital bed.

The Edward Scissorhands star blames ex-wife Amber Heard for soiling his sheets after a furious row at their LA penthouse.

But the High Court yesterday heard their teacup Yorkshire terrier Boo had “toilet training troubles” and may have made the foul-smelling deposit.

Amber Heard is pictured with her dog Boo

Aquaman actress Ms Heard, 34, texted Depp’s assistant Kevin Murphy in October 2014 – 18 months before the “poopgate” incident – saying: “[Boo] can’t seem to predict or control where she uses the bathroom.

“Last night she s**t ON Johnny, while he was sleeping. Like, all over him.

“Not exaggerating. And I hate to keep punishing her when she seems not to be able to remember.”

Johnny Depp blames ex-wife Amber Heard for soiling his sheets

Mr Murphy replied: “I get it. We will have her seen by at least two specialists to determine if there is any medical/biological reason for her problems.”

Yesterday, Mr Murphy insisted Boo had never pooed in the bed – and said the faeces found in the sheets was “definitely human”.

Depp outside the High Court in London today

He said: “Boo was having some problem. We had Boo seen and the vet said that Boo was fine. We had to leave the door open so that the dogs had time to go out.”

Depp is suing The Sun for calling him a “wife beater”.

Sasha Wass QC, for The Sun, told Mr Murphy: “Boo was having trouble with defecting in unsuitable places, including over Mr Depp.

“This detail of the case has been an attempt to make Ms Heard appear disgusting and absurd in the public eye.” Mr Murphy replied: “It’s just the truth.”

Ms Wass also branded Depp’s sense of humour “lavatorial” after it emerged he’d texted a pal about the incident, calling his wife “Amber Turd”.

He wrote: “I’ve been through a whole lot of st with her. She gives me st all the time. Pack your s**t and get out. The jokes are endless.

“That’s it, I’m not taking any more s**t from you, Amber. Amber’s in the dumps. Hahaha.

“My wife left a whopper poop on my bed – Amber Turd.”

Yesterday, the cleaner who discovered the poo in Depp’s bed said she was “horrified and disgusted”.

Hilda Vargas said: “I pulled back the top sheet on the bed and saw a large pile of faeces. It was clear to me this was human faeces.

“I knew it could not have come from the dogs. I have cleaned up after those dogs many times and their faeces are much smaller, and I have never known them to defecate in the bed.

Heard with one of the dogs she shared with Johnny Depp

“I did not know what to think. I was completely shocked.” She said she took pictures of the mess and sent them to Depp’s assistant, who then forwarded them to Depp.

She claimed Ms Heard later confronted her over the pictures, telling her they’d ruined her marriage.

She said: “Ms Heard told me the pictures I had taken of the faeces had destroyed her marriage. I was very nervous and so I apologised, even though I did not believe that their marital problems were my fault or that I had done anything wrong.”

Mr Murphy also told the court he witnessed the poo in the sheets with his own eyes.

He said: “I was shocked and disgusted by what I observed as human faeces on the bed.

Depp divorced Heard after he claimed she pooed in their bed

“Ms Heard has since publicly blamed the faeces on one of the dogs, however, the faeces did not come from either of their two small Yorkshire terriers.

“I have walked, cleaned up after, played with and interacted with these dogs many times, and their faeces have always been significantly smaller than what I saw in the bed.” He said Ms Heard later admitted doing the poo, telling him it was “just a harmless prank”. She denies this.

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