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Singer Katy Perry expecting a baby from her fiancé Orlando Bloom posted her belly pose on her social media account. Perry, counting days to be a mother, dropped the “Tired star” note to her post

American singer Katy Perry started the countdown to hold her first child in her arms.

Perry, counting days to be a mother, went shopping for her baby the other day.


The 35-year-old singer, who posted the pose she gave while lying on a sofa in a store, dropped the “Tired star” note to her post.

Orlando Bloom commented on Peryy’s post as “I love you”.

Orlando Bloom, who counted days to become a father for the second time, recently told his stories of meeting his fiancee Katy Perry.
Bloom said that he met Perry at the Golden Globe Awards night in 2016, saying:

I was standing on the stage and glancing at the audience. He was there, in the crowd … I remember, wearing a beautiful pink dress. At that time, “Oh! I think this is Katy Perry!” I thought.

Orlando Bloom stated that he noticed that the singer was sitting at the same table with actress Denzel Washington and that he saw boxes of hamburgers being carried to that table.

The actor went over to Washington and said, “Can I have one?” He said he had asked and his friend said, “Of course.”

On the other hand, the couple expecting a baby girl had to postpone their wedding in Japan due to the coronavirus.

Orlando Bloom sat on the wedding table with model Miranda Kerr in 2010.
The two then divorced in 2013. Bloom has a son named Flynn Christopher from his marriage to Kerr.

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